Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Running out of titles

My imagination is running out of ways of saying "I went skiing again yesterday & it was great" in an appropriately succinct & witty manner.  After a pleasant little skate on the pond Saturday night, I finally slept like a log & was up & ready to head back to Sunshine Sunday morning- not about to turn down any potential ski buddies.  We were a just a little late getting up the gondola after Anya had a bit of fun on the drive out from Calgary - the vehicle she was following decided to shed its skis from the roof, they came flying towards her, thankfully hit the ground & were promptly run over.  A little too much excitement for such an early hour, but no lasting damage.

The hill wasn't too busy (apparently it was on Saturday) & there was a nice little dusting of fresh powder to cover the runs up.  As we were both feeling the effects of the previous day's exercise, it was a pretty relaxed day of skiing.  Visibility was a little poor in the morning, but the snow falling was nice & it was a very pleasant -5ºC.  After a nice long lunch (which was deserved after I went flying off a didn't-see-it-until-it-too-late little bank in the trees - that powder's nice, I just had to turn around & get my poles) we were back out for the afternoon off Divide & then lower down the resort.  It cleared up nicely as we spent the rest of the day around Goat's Eye & Wolverine before skiing out to the car at four & a extremely long, much needed & deserved soak in the Banff hot springs.

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