Tuesday, April 5, 2011

All that snow wasn't completely annoying

After getting through that rather snowy triathlon we were rewarded with a great day's skiing on Sunday.  I had great plans of heading to Lake Louise for the first time, but with Sunshine showing markedly more snowfall Steve & I headed back there.  It was a little hard dragging myself out of bed, but my legs weren't hurting & it was completely worth it.  We spent all morning on Goat's Eye & there was deep snow everywhere.  We got a few runs in where we were putting down fresh tracks & had a blast.  It was a beautifully sunny day, with no wind & the crowds out enjoying the great conditions weren't unbearably bad (the parking lot seemed more full than the mountain).  It was the first time I'd skied with Steve & it was good to get him out - he (as with most people) has been skiing a lot longer than I have & I was pleased to get some quite helpful tips.

In general news, my bike is back together (although I think I need to replace my freewheel/freehub) - the tubeless conversion took the longest.  I got the first tyre on easily & got it to seal straight away; however the Crossmark on the back just wouldn't seal.  It turned out it was just because I was using a floor pump - it inflated straight away with a compressor.  That summer of riding is getting closer...

I decided against the GoPro helmet cam as consolation for not buying another bike - I really can't be bothered spending time editing footage (I've seen how long some of Megan's videos take her to compile) to make it look good.  I'm just not into that sort of stuff.  So after ordering it on Thursday, & a trip from Seattle to South Dakota to Kentucky to Calgary to Canmore my Kindle arrived this afternoon.  So I have a way of carrying many books around on my travels without much mass or volume at all.  I've played with it a little tonight - it's pretty nifty.  I just have to stop watching my favourite Canadian sitcom on YouTube (a rather charming, folksy story about a very small town in Saskatchewan) & I can start reading books.  I'm also enjoying Diamond Geezer's trip around Bexley - the London borough where I lived last year & will return to in August.  Hall Place deserves the review it got & Foots Cray Meadows was the place I invariably ended up if I wanted to ride my bike off the skinny London streets.

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