Monday, August 15, 2011

USA Roadtrip 2011 Map & Data-fest

Here is the map of my recent travels promised some time ago to Liz (who has a great blog going of her & her husband's ever-increasing self-sufficiency on a small block of land in rural Queensland). It's taken me most of the day to compile this & frustratingly I found out two-thirds of the way through that to keep page-speeds up Google separates larger My Maps in to different pages which you can't view mashed together. I was looking forward to adding in all the rides I did & some photos at various scenic places, but with such a poor user-interface & result it's not worth the effort. I did manage to find a way so that one can view the whole map at once - so here it is.  As it's not obvious, the trip started & finished in Canmore, Alberta, & was a counter-clockwise loop (or thereabouts).

edit - You may have to zoom out a bit for it to work first time.

A few more links for those that are interested or just like spreadsheets:
 [Footnote: Heartily sick of Google Maps now, I recommend you don't try using Google Maps to compile such a set of data as the page-ifying is really annoying.  If however you, like me, start & then find that you exceed the ridiculous 3 MB limit for viewing a kml file in Google Maps (by right-clicking on KML, copying the link location & then pasting that in to the Google Map search box) & don't want to give up on all that you've just done - you can use Google Fusion Tables.  Click on the KML link of your Google Map & save it on your computer, then open Fusion & go New Table>Import Table & point Fusion to the kml file you just saved.  Press Next two times & then Finish & you will have a table of your data - just press Visualize>Map to see your map.  Now you see why I said don't use Google Maps to map out your big trip.]

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