Saturday, September 10, 2011

More left-handed typing

Well, I managed to get two rides in before incapacitating myself. One just a little road ride out to a charming little village, Eynsford, in a strong wind & the other yesterday in a small wood behind Ray & Jill's place that has some singletrack. Yes, I know - singletrack! Nearby too. It's not really marked out, so I just spent a while exploring a myriad of trails, going around in many small circles & reappearing at familiar looking junctions. Good fun & even a little archaeology too - a big ditch that the Saxon farmers had dug to help defend their land after the Romano-British colony fell apart 1500-odd years ago. Plus, the heather is still out.

(Yes, I know - but I haven't been taking many pictures lately)
Job-hunting has been rather tedious with only a few nibbles.  There seem to be jobs out there, maybe I'm just a little too picky as to what I think I can & want to do.

Trish & I have been working towards clearing the middle room out so we can decorate it. We took a full car load down to the dump (mostly a recycling centre really) this morning & since there was access to the window, I set out to clean the conservatory roof. Somehow, while getting the hose up on the roof, I managed to pop my shoulder out again. For the first time I was off to the hospital to get it sorted - one of the advantages of not being in the middle of nowhere. Although, being buried in snow does help to numb the pain a bit. Of course, it was proper hurting again - this time perhaps more than the previous times. But I got X-Rays this time, for a change, before they attempted to put it back in. And quite an attempt it was.

For some reason it would not get back in - I hope the audience I'd collected enjoyed the show. Trish was fantastic, her nursing/mid-wifery training kicking with constant reminders/commands for me to breathe in - that Entonox was something else. I have no concept of how long it took to end the ordeal. The Nurse-Practitioner had a good couple of attempts before the doctor came & it was another two or three goes before it was back in - after all sorts of wrenching & pulling. The joint sure was stubborn this time & even through the gas, it was a whole new level of pain. I'm just glad I'll never have to give birth. After the gas wore off quickly I think I made some uncharitable comment about going back to Kenya for the next time - not sure that went down well. I got to look at the before & after (out & in) X-Rays - the bone sure was a long way out. So, I sit on the couch for the next few days - should be thrilling.

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