Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Little Dover drive

Around the MRI last week, I was looking around for a little cheap & cheerful car to buy. I had tried to see if I'd be able to get away with living without a car, but work is just a bit out of the way to commit to riding every day (especially through winter) & moving is difficult without a car. I looked at a few cheap little hatchbacks from some rather dodgy dealers not far from home. I went private in the end & found a guy that gets part-exchanges/trade-ins from a local dealer - this one had a good service history & I was really just after something small & reliable that would swallow my bike (wheels off). So even though I really wanted a car with five doors & a smaller engine - I wasn't keen on hunting around any more, so got this little car. Dad should be pleased I finally got a Nissan - hopefully it's much more reliable than the Outback, time will tell.

So keen to see how it would run on a trip out of town, Trish & I went down to just north of Dover for the day to see Trish's sister, Jan. It was great to finally see Jan again - it had been so long since my return to the UK that I forgot to take all my Canada & US photos to show off. We had a nice big walk along the top of the cliffs through numerous, surprisingly dry, fields & then down to St Margaret's Bay. Unfortunately it wasn't quite clear enough to see France this time.

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