Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bike Build - On-One 456

I got the good news earlier in the week that my broken frame will be replaced under warranty by GT in New Zealand. That does, however, leave it in NZ & I wasn't all that keen to wait for it be posted over & indeed to pay a few hundred dollars for that to be done. Considering I'm not really going to need a full-suspension bike down in Hampshire, I looked around a bit for a second hand hardtail to buy. John & Rich had last week recommended On-One's steel 456 frame, so I was pleased yesterday to find one a few miles away for fifty quid. I picked it up yesterday, it's got a few chips in the paint & a small dent in a chainstay (chain suck) - but is in good enough condition to be useful for quite a few years yet.

So today was spent taking all the parts off my broken frame & then putting most of them on the 456. I had to buy a new headset (last one was had it), seatpost (different size), & cable outers. So all up, I'm back with a nice little bike for a shade under a hundred pounds. Score.

I've gone 1x9 too (that's a single chainring in the front); when I get paid I'll probably convert to singlespeed & maybe get it repainted.

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  1. Looks tidy! Let me know if you need the details of a re-sprayer. I think they are called Trestan Finishers. Oh and get some single ring bolts on there, so you can loose the big ring!