Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lazy weekends with sun

After a really dry & mild winter, some bright spark decided that most of the lower half of England was in drought. Naturally, it has pretty much rained since then. I haven't been too perturbed as I'm still unable to get outside riding, or even running, & the rain makes a nice change & things are growing. Strangely, the last couple of weekend have had most of the week's sunshine allotment so I've had a spot of walking in various different places.

The May Bank Holiday weekend was mostly a recovery from the Rome trip & delayed-flight consequences - but I did pop over to Poole (a couple of towns west) to visit Mum's cousin Pamela. After a good lunch, many cups of tea & much catching up of recent travels & family gossip I popped down to Sandbanks for a stroll along the beach. There's some pretty big homes down there, but I wasn't surprised as I keep hearing how Harry Redknapp lives there. Apparently, by area it has the fourth highest property value in the world. But I just wanted to walk along the beach in the sun catching up on podcasts, not buy a house - so that what I did.

Looking across towards Swannage

This must be a popular place in summer - those curious English things, beach-huts, were two-storied

This weekend just ending has mostly been spent eating & walking. Friday night I was around at (workmate) Henry's place - I was trying to see if The Castle was funny outside of Australia & NZ circles. I didn't hold out much hope as Henry has never seen the Holy Grail or The Princess Bride & therefore doesn't understand a large percentage of my babbling. The film is looking really dated now (it's been sometime since I've watched it), but I'm pleased to report that it was apparently funny from an Englishman's point of view. We then set about making a pavlova while Nicole diligently wrote reports - there are many reasons I'm not a teacher, & taking work home is one of them.

A Full English (breakfast) Saturday morning necessitated a big walk along the Barton-on-Sea cliffs to Milford & then finding a route back home inland on the footpaths that dot the countryside, but don't necessarily go in a straight line.

Across the Solent to the Isle of Wight

First barbecue of the summer at another workmate's house back over on the side of the Forest where I live & we all work. It was just warm enough to spend most of the evening outside in a T-shirt (although I drew the line at shorts) eating much meat (the NZ lamb steaks were pretty good, it must be said). We retreated inside to devour the pavlova (the pavlova is only getting so much mention as it was the first I've ever had to make) & play boardgames.

Nicole destroyed the symmetry by not liking kiwifruit

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