Monday, June 11, 2012

Catch-up photos from Istanbul

A few pictures from my first two days in Istanbul that have now made it off my camera.

Beautiful domed ceilings in Topkapi Palace Museum
Cityscape from Topkapi Palace Museum
More intricate decoration
There were odd pockets of brightly coloured houses
Inside Hagia Sophia Museum

So many cables holding up all the lights

Hagia Sophia
Sultan Ahmed Mosque (the Blue Mosque)
Seaside amusements by the Sea of Marmara, there at least ten of these "shoot an air-rifle at things" stalls - you can't see the people swimming just out of shot.
Across the Golden Horn - Galata Tower in the background
New Mosque - near Galata Bridge
Leaving Istanbul on a Bosphorus ferry
At the Black Sea end of the Bosphorus - near Anadolu Kavagi
The view from the castle in the previous photo - that's the Black Sea yonder
Many beautiful palaces & houses line the Bosphorus

The view from Galata Tower
Galata Bridge across the Golden Horn & New Mosque - from Galata Tower

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