Tuesday, July 24, 2012

London weekend

The chance to see Rhys Darby (a NZ comedian best known as Murray, present, from Flight of the Conchords) near the end of his UK tour had me in London for weekend last. Saturday either side of noon was spent doing an unhealthy amount of clothes shopping (which in my book is setting foot in a clothes store), with the redeeming factors being tapas for lunch and Trish's eye & advice.

I met a few other Kiwis in SheBu for a drink & meal before the show - I think that's the first time I've been in a Walkabout pub, not bad for all this time in the UK. I only knew high school friend Jeff, but as it turned out one of his other friends couldn't make it so I got a significant upgrade in my seat. The show was fantastic, not quite as side splittingly funny as I perhaps expected - but hilarious all the way through & a couple of tears of laughter shed.

Second-cousin Catherine & Chris have recently finally found a house to buy in NE London, so I was keen to visit & catch-up, almost a year since I saw them shortly after returning from Canada. Summer finally arrived with vengeance on Sunday, so Trish & I set off to lunch. Olympic preparations were obvious & our drive took us past the impressive stadia - the journey was a bit slower than it otherwise might have been, but not any slower than taking the trains & walking at each end. I'm just glad that I'm well away from the Olympics & won't have to deal with all the congestion as I choose from thirty-odd BBC channels to watch whatever might be going on.

Duly impressed by the new house & all the work that has obviously been done quite recently, we settled down for a great lunch on the patio overlooking playing fields & woodland. Silly me, didn't even consider that it might be worth putting in a hat when I packed Friday night - but after the last two months, I think it's understandable. Chris apparently has been wanting to used their not-insubstantial charcoal barbie for some time, so it was put to good use.

I do like that people choose to cook lamb when I'm over, I'm pretty sure I've had more lamb since leaving NZ than I did living in the country - it's fantastic. The large piece of lamb served up didn't disappoint & we were all well fed. Even though there were six of us, I imagine that there is still lamb in the fridge at Chris & Catherine's. With all the new potatoes, asparagus & various salads - it turned into quite the feast that I wasn't expecting, I'm hardly going to complain about that.

A not very well timed photo - that's a large piece of lamb, & Chris too
So a most pleasant afternoon catching up with Catherine, Chris, Carol (Mum's cousin & Catherine's mum), Barry (Catherine's dad) & Trish (also Mum's cousin, but you probably should know that by now) and being well fed while sweltering in the sun.

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  1. nice use of the plural stadia :) (which google has just underlined as a spelling mistake, no wonder people can't speak properly anymore...)