Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spiny Norman has done for the Piranha Brothers

Yes, a combination of violence and sarcasm were not enough to keep the twelve foot (or perhaps eight hundred foot) hedgehog at bay.  As such, much effort has been spent over the last two dark rainy months of this particularly wet English winter making a new home for these tales of biking and travel.  Expecting many more biking and travel stories to follow, you can now find them at bikingpheasant.com.

If you've followed these posts by email, you can subscribe to new posts using the widget on the left of the page. There's still plenty of formatting to do, but as the days are now longer & warmer it's no longer the priority that transferring all the content was (which, while a tedious job, meant that I got to relive the last six years of stories, riding and other adventures).

For those that have read much of the content here - thanks for the comments & feedback, any useful ones about the new site would be appreciated.  After a six week break with not much to say, I've remembered I quite like writing - so looking forward to the upcoming summer.

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