Saturday, July 11, 2009

First NYC day

A quick email blog (is it ironic that the spell-check on doesn't recognise "blog" as a word?) from New York City - I'm exhausted - pictures may follow some time next week. NYC is fantastic - I arrived late this morning on a bus from Doylestown (still can't believe how green & wooded Pennsylvania & New Jersey are). Quickly found my hostel (only a couple of blocks from bus terminal) & stowing my gear, it was a short walk to Times Square. As it was my first day in NYC, I had to do the traditional foreigner thing & see the Statue of Liberty & the Ellis Island Immigration Center - pretty good, thankfully the long queues moved quickly. Before leaving Doylestown I forked out for a New York City pass - it pretty much lets me in to more attractions than I can get to in six days for one flat fee. I think I've already recovered half the value of it in twelve hours. The rest of the day was spent on the open-topped double-deckers being camera happy tourist. I have been most impressed by the architecture & design (& size) of many of the buildings. Apart from all the normal NYC things, I've already seen a live film set on the sidewalk of 6th Avenue, a mugger getting seized by a cop in a mufti-car (don't worry, I was safely on the top of the bus) & a SWAT team just generally hanging on the sidewalk. Anywho, I'm a bit tired, so will see if I can get some sleep before another all go day tomorrow.

Actually the internet is working a bit better so I could put some photos up - but looking at the hundred or so I took today - they are all pretty standard. So I'll put a couple up of me ruining the foreground.

Oh, I just got an email from a paralegal - they're talking about booking flights for me to go back & testify in San Diego; so that cross country jaunt is looking more likely. Unless the date changes...

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