Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Damn you Air Canada & referrals

In the end I wasn't successful in convincing Air Canada to shift my return flight back a few months.  So now I'm going back to London for a massive three-day visit, at not inconsiderable expense, at the end of February.  About the only good part of this is that I'll get to see good friends & family - some of whom I probably wouldn't see for some years otherwise.

Now that I actually have the odd visitor, the Stats Tracker (that's what that funny little symbol is down  under the Twitter feed) has some little things of interest.  Apparently someone in Houston is using Netscape 4 - I don't think I've seen Netscape since I was in Bangkok in 1996.  The best one so far is that someone stumbled on this post by googling "piranha fire dept saw".  I'm not sure what I'm more surprised by - that that search term got to my blog or that someone actually searched for that.  But my little blog & its related search terms don't really compare to what this occurrence reminded me of.

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