Thursday, December 23, 2010

Twenty-ten summary

I've spent a lot of time this week sending out a rather brief attempt at a Christmas letter (about my only concession so far that Christmas is quite soon; actually, I did send some gifts home but they may be a bit late, oops).  It really is just my take on my year & trying to remind people back home I still exist & if I'm lucky I might get some NZ (or whereever) news back.  Without further ado & my being distracted by many classic Brit comedy moments, here it is.

This Christmas finds me well away from any family (immediate or extended) for the first time - I'm still not sure exactly how I came to be living in Canada.  Never mind, it was a great rushed decision - I thoroughly enjoyed a summer chocked full of mountain-biking (& a little hiking).  Now winter is slowly rolling around - well, it's cold but there's not all that much snow yet; so the next few months of skiing promise to be almost as good.  For those that haven't been keeping up with my ramblings here are a few of the many highlights of 2010 for me.
  • Ten days in Madrid & further south exploring & conversing with Spaniards trying to overcome their Spanglish.
  • Many many days spent exploring London & spending time with friends & family.
Here in Canmore I supported myself for a few months with all manner of temporary jobs before starting at a cement plant (pretty much the only industry around here) - where I still am enjoying it & I hope to be there until my visa expires in May.  I'm trying to contain my excitement with respect to next summer's three-month mountain-bike oriented road-trip around the western USA & British Columbia.  I'll be back in London in August next year - after that, I don't know.

Still being distracted, damn it.

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