Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Back on the bike

After really starting to wish I was back riding sweet singletrack on my bike as winter drags on, I was quite surprised to get the opportunity to go for a ride yesterday.  I enjoyed a little sleep-in, lounging around reading my book (I've started another epic - "London" by the same guy that wrote the last book & epic I read.  The narrative is not quite as compelling, but the history of the city is fascinating.) & then having a nap before Alex texted with the idea for a ride.  It was a nice clear day & almost up to freezing point, so conditions were perfect. 

I dragged my bike out, rugged up a bit & cautiously took my first ride on the snowy streets.  Thankfully it wasn't too icy.  Riding on the hard packed snow was straight forward, although I was quickly reminded of the fact that my entire drivetrain needs replacing before the summer & that my rear tyre is particularly bald.  The riverside paths & Engine Bridge were easy pedalling.

 Ice floating down the Bow River, from the Engine Bridge, the Three Sisters in the background

We took a detour around the small island that is in the river between town & the power station runout on Mineside.  There hadn't been nearly as much traffic down this trail & it was a lot narrower & bumpier.  Alex progressed easier than I did as he had fitted studded tyres; progress was slow, it was hard to keep much balance & as soon as you dabbed your foot just sank in to the unpacked snow. 

Mt Rundle behind me

Looking across the Bow & town to Grotto

I made a snow-bike angel

Ready-made bike stand

Back on the packed trail we ambled up to Quarry Lake - I was pleased to find I still had some climbing legs left.  We rode along under the power line to Peaks of Grassi before winding our way down various paths & stairs (some of which Alex could ride) to the Riverside Trail.  I was grinning most of the time with the pleasure of being back on my bike.


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