Saturday, February 19, 2011

Some different Goat Creek pictures

I managed to get hold of some photos with me in them - thanks Karin.  Here are some that prove I was actually there.

Joel, Lincoln, Kristy, Adam, me, Al, Megan & Finn, Karin (rear to front, left to right) at the lunch stop


Second (proper) bridge crossing

I think Karin got bored of me stopping to de-snow my skis, 
so she had to keep herself (& us) amused by falling over

In other news, Lincoln & Al (more Aussies, friends of Joel's visiting for two months) are moving in to our spare room this weekend - so we'll have a full house, which should (better) be fun.  I'm off to my second (ice) hockey game shortly - just a local one.  It's a work function as Lafarge is one of the key sponsors - should be a nice change as we're in the middle of a kiln shutdown & everyone else is very busy (I just keep doing my little projects) at work.

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